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There But Not There

We have joined a nation wide initiative, which will link communities across the country, to commemorate the centenary of the1918 Armistice.

A charity called Remembered has commissioned the artist Martin Barraud to design installations featuring silhouettes of images recalling the horrors of WW1 to help us to recommit to building peace. 

Five of these silhouettes have been placed in our church to serve as a reminder of the young men who never returned to our community and so many other communities because of war.  The silhouettes are made of perspex and are outlines of young men not in uniform.

In addition, the Parish Council, helped by donations from across the community have purchased three larger figures.  These are 6 foot tall outlines of a British WW1 soldier with head bowed and bayonet fixed.  Two of these will be erected at the war memorial outside our church and one of these figures is currently on display inside the church.

A display of photos and letters from WW1 and WW2 is at the back of church, curated by the Alderley History Group. 

Information gathered by local historian Michael Scaife, about all 72 soldiers who are named on the War Memorial has been shared with the community via this website and our monthly parish newsletter.  This is now being collated and will also be displayed inside the church.

Our church is open every day 8.15 am till 5.45pm and everybody is welcome.

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Alderley -World War 1. June 1917
WW1 at home and abroad.

Alderley -World War 1. May 1917
WW1 home and abroad May 1917.

Alderley -World War 1.April 1917
WW1 at home and abroad

Alderley -World War 1. March 1917
WW1 home and abroad March 1917.

Alderley -World War 1.February 1917
World War 1 at home and abroad, February 1917

Alderley -World War 1.December 1916 January1917
World War 1 December 1916 and January 1917 at home and abroad.

Alderley -World War 1. November 1916
WW1 at home and abroad.

Alderley -World War 1.October 1916
WW1 at home and abroad.

Alderley -World War 1 September 1916.
World War 1 at home and abroad.

Alderley -World War 1. July August 1916
Reflection on men from Alderley who died during the Battle of Somme 2016

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