Fairtrade Issues - Bananas

Foncho is a Banana Farmer from Colombia and part of the Coobafrio co-operative. He works hard, putting in long hours to grow his bananas, to be able to earn enough to look after his family. He loves spending time with his wife, daaghter and son - with whom he shares a passion for football.

Foncho's livelihood depends on his bananas. He grows them on a plot of land he inherited from his father which is 1.3 hectares of roughly the size of two football pitches.

He cares deeply about his farm and his bananas as he know that without them he would struggle to find another job to provide for his family.

He says 'We experienced very difficult times when we weren't in Fairtrade. The banana business barely provided wenough for basic meals. It was very worrying to have children and to know you coukldn't provice the opportunity for the life they deserve.

We almost thought of leaving the business, but thank God, there came big help. Being in Fairtrade makes me very happy, knowing that there are opportuties to achieve some of the goals I had planned.

Through simply buying Fairtrade bananas we can ensure that people like Foncho can feel secure in feeding the people they care for, all year round, in other words, they have food security.



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