Fairtrade Issues - Prayers

Creator God,

You created a beautiful world for all your children. As we taste and smell the fruits of this creation help us to remember those who farm the land to grow them. Help us to live in a partnership of love and support with those who produce our food and drink so that we might be enable others to feed theirfamilies and create a sustainable future, Amen.


Loving God, you make us in your image. Forgive us when we fail to see your image in each other, when we give in to greed and indifference, when we do not question the systems that are life-denying. As we are made in your image, let us live in your image and be Christ-like in service, endurance and love, Amen.


As I enter the street market,

Wheel my trolley at the superstore,

Leaf through a catalogue

or log onto the internet;

Be with me and help me.

When I spend money,

Be with me and help me to see the market place as you see it,

as wide as the world you love so much.

Be with us and help us

to share the markets we share for all people,

as we live under your steady gaze,

so we can change by your gracious love, Amen.


Food Matters 2016
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