Fairtrade Issues - Tea

Rahel's work is to pick tea leaves that might be making your morning cuppa - but like so many farmers and workers around the world she can sometimes struggle to feed her family adequately.

Outside of work, Rahel tends to a small amount of land at her home which enables her to grow food for herself and her family.Fertilizer is essential to improve the quality of food produced but is often too expensive for her to purchase.

The organisation Rahel works for, Kibena Tea Estate, joined Fairtrade. What difference did that make to Rahel's life?

Well...Rahel gets subsidised fertilizer which improves her soil and means she can grow up to ten times more maize for her family to eat and increase her income by selling the remainder.

She says 'Now with fertilizer I've got enough food to feed my kids. Initially I used to get less than one bag of maize but after I received the fertilizer this year I managed to get ten bags!'

Through simply buying Fairtrade tea we can ensure that people like Rahel can feel secure in feeding the people they care for, all year round, in other words, they have food security.






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