Parochial Parish Council.


                                    An Appeal on behalf of the General Fund


                            £5,000 shortfall last year: expected worse by end 2014

                                                11% increase in giving sought


                                             Please join us and give generously




                                                                                                                  March 2014


Dear Friend,


It may come as a surprise to some that the parish churches of England receive no general maintenance grant. Their income is very largely from the kind donations of the congregation and well-wishers. Yet our churches are open to all for the important family orientated occasions of christenings, weddings and funerals and we actively welcome all who wish to worship with us and to hear the word of God. Such is indeed our most important mission.


Every year funds are needed to enable this work, to maintain our beautiful Victorian church and to ensure our contribution to the important work of the Diocese of Chester which provides the overarching leadership and support.


Each parish pays a “Parish Share”. This is based on the population and on the average income as determined by the Census. Our parish’s per capita average income is considered high when compared to other parishes and we are expected to provide a Parish Share of £80,135 in 2014 and probably rising each year thereafter.


Expenditure on other items is scrutinized carefully but last year we had to spend over £5000 in excess of our income excluding the money kindly donated to our Spire Repair Appeal where a sum of £350,000 is expected to be required. Some essential general maintenance needs come without warning and can be expensive.


We therefore need to raise our income in 2014 by around £15,000 and we hope very much that you will help in one of the following ways:


  • If you are not already a member please consider joining the church’s regular Planned Giving Scheme donating by standing order through your bank. Please contact Michael Scaife for details.


  • If you are eligible please make maximum use of Gift Aid. This will increase the amount the church receives by 25% at no cost to you. Michael will be pleased to give you details. Remember that if you pay tax at 40% or more you will be able to claim back some of this contribution through your tax return so you might consider making a moderate increase in the sum you donate to reflect this.

    If you give cash in a church collection please place the money in one of the special  yellow envelopes available from the sidesmen in church before placing it on the collection plate. Please ensure you have filled in the required details on the envelope and signed it. This simple action            would over the year make a most useful contribution to the church’s funds and may save you tax.


  • If you are a regular giver to St Philip and St James’ please would you reconsider your donation and see whether this appropriately represents your commitment to the church and the work for the Lord that is our joy to do. Would all donors kindly consider raising donations by at least 7% in this year?


  • If you use the brown envelope scheme for the regular giving of cash would you please consider whether this is still your most preferred means of giving or whether you could switch to a regular payment via your bank account. The latter saves a considerable amount of work.


  • Please consider whether you could leave a legacy to the church through your Will. Even modest legacies received over the years could make a very big difference to the overall income long term. Such donations would be expected to be free of Inheritance Tax. We can direct you to advice should you request help.


  • On-line giving may be achieved by visiting:

  • Go to “Donate to Charity” and search for “Church of St Philip”. The third site is for the General Fund.


  • Should none of the above be suitable to you we would be grateful for individual donations paid to St Philip and St James’ Parish Church. Cheques may be sent to:


    Hon Treasurer

    The Old Vine

    Macclesfield Road

    Alderley Edge

    SK9 7BW


    Thank you very much for taking the trouble to read this through. Please remember the work of St Philip and St James’ Parish Church in your prayers.


    May God bless you.




    Rev Jane Parry                                  Bob Tuffin                              Michael Scaife

    Vicar                                                   Church Warden                     Planned Giving                                                                                                                        Secretary

    Vicarage: 01625 583249                     07921 467419                



    Please visit St Philip and St James Church Web site:




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