Food Matters 2016

Food Matters 2016


“Food Matters 2016” will be a yearlong project co-ordinated by the Committee for Social Responsibility that aims to highlight our relationship with food and the importance of living sustainably. It will take a thematic approach, highlighting some of the issues and concerns within CSR’s areas of work: e.g. rural ministry; urban ministry; Fairtrade; the environment; family life.

By the end of 2016, we hope to:

  •  Raise awareness amongst churches across the diocese on principles of food sustainability. (E.g. using local produce; building up skills and assets in local communities; addressing issues of inequality and fairness in the food chain; reducing waste.)
  • Build on expertise and resources within our churches to highlight best practice.
  • Reflect theologically on the place of food within our own Christian stewardship and discipleship.
  • Encourage churches to work in partnership within their local community. E.g. through a community garden, school’s garden or foodbank.

Guided by the principles of the CSR review, “Food Matters 2016” will include a series of activities to encourage parishes to engage with local communities, foster partnerships with local people and organisations, address injustice and inequality and reflect on gospel values. The activities planned so far include:

  • Lent Challenge- living on £1 a day for 1 day of each week during Lent, to highlight the plight of people living in poverty in this country and overseas.
  • Focus on Food – photography through the year, from locations within the Diocese where food is growing. (E.g. Dunham Massey Farm, churchyard gardens, school gardens, allotments.)
  • Fairtrade Bake-Off – a bake-off competition with “celebrity bakers” to celebrate our status as a Fairtrade Diocese and encourage churches to run their own local events.
  • Rogation Service – on a local farm (or local church), raising awareness of the needs of the rural church and rural communities.
  • Food Matters Roadshow to debate issues and think about practical ways of responding.

These events will provide stories and images to share across the Diocese to inspire and resource other churches in their mission and ministry within local communities. Using the title Food Matters, we’ll be looking at ways of living sustainably, as well as highlighting the importance of using food to build relationships and tackle loneliness and social isolation. “Food Matters” will also encourage local Christians to share skills in cooking and gardening to build stronger communities.

Why focus on food sustainability rather than food poverty?

CSR is aware that food poverty is a significant issue for people within deprived communities of the diocese and we’ll be working with trustees of West Cheshire Food Bank to identify appropriate responses to these issues. However, by focusing on the broader topic of food sustainability, we’ll be encouraging everyone to think about the impact of the choices we make as consumers and the way we use resources. Building on a strong tradition of Christian stewardship and hospitality, “Food Matters 2016” will celebrate local skills and ask how resources can be used fairly.

Mrs Ruth Mock

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