Harvest Experience

Experiencing Harvest;

During this week of ‘Experiencing Harvest’ attended by almost 500 children from AECP, AESG and Ryleys, we were encouraging the children to think wider than the usual harvest of veg and fruit – to include the Harvest of the Earth where they considered resources below ground, the Harvest of the Sea, thinking about the bravery of the Fisher-folk who go to sea; Harvest of the Flocks with all we get from animals; Harvest of the Grain explaining the importance of Bread and the grains it is made from; and the Harvest of the Garden with its traditional Harvest. But linked with that we were also thinking of the Harvest of ourselves of what we can offer; Joy, Peace, Generosity, Faithfulness and Joy. The Experience finished with a drink and a carrot-topped cake for all the children which proved very popular!

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