Letter from Vicar October 2017

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

We have a lot of special services in October. On the 1st October at 4pm we will have our celebration of St Francis of Assisi with blessing of animals.  St. Francis was a man who gave up violence and wealth and served God by making himself vulnerable.  His particular relationship with animals was a sign of this vulnerability and on this day, we will explore our relationship with God through the relationship we have with animals.

Then on 8th October at 10am and then again at 6.30pm we have two harvest services.  At 10am this will be a service of Holy Communion and in the evening we will sing evensong led by a choir made up of singers from churches across this part of Cheshire.

On the 15th October, our usual 10 o’clock service will include prayers for healing and wholeness with laying on of hands.  I never know, of course, whether a prayer I say for somebody to be healed will be answered in quite the way I want it to be.  I do know that the feeling of still being in God’s presence even when we are broken and sick is a very powerful one that I want to share with people.

Even though we live in a society where we can leave the growing of food to others, it is striking that in this community so many people grow their own vegetables on allotments, retaining their link to the soil and the community that grows around it.

We will give thanks for a good harvest, we will pray for a fair distribution of harvest so that all may be fed properly and we will pray also for the harvest of people, that all will be gathered together, all will be brought home, nobody left behind.

         May God bless us all.  Robin

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