Vicars Letter August 2017

A letter from the Rev Robin Pye


Dear Neighbours,

We are planning two new things at St. Philip and St. James church.  Sometime in the autumn we will start:

  1. A parent and baby and toddler group that will meet one morning per week.
  2. A group for people with dementia and their carers that will meet in church on Wednesdays.

On the first Easter day, the risen Jesus came alongside two of his disciples as they fled from Jerusalem to the village of Emmaus.  They invited him to share a meal with them and when he broke bread with them they recognised who he was. This story of Jesus coming alongside people has formed the basis for a lot of Christian ministry in the world.  The church is called to come alongside people whatever is going on in their lives.

Our purpose in establishing the parent and baby and toddler group is to bring people together as they set out on the journey of parenthood so that they are not alone and can form a community within our village. 

In the same way, families who are looking after a person with dementia, should not feel alone, but should have places of welcome that they can go to.  We hope to provide a place of welcome, understanding and support.

If either of these communities are of interest to you, whether you are moved to help us in this work, whether you feel that one of these groups could be helpful to you, maybe you have something that would help either group that you could donate to us, or even if you just want to send us a message of support; please contact me by email, text or telephone.

May God bless us all.


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