• We are finally getting on with the Spire and the interior alterations. When they are completed it will be a fantastic opportunity for a fresh look at the mission of this church and a new vision for the approach to this mission.


    I have thought for some while that when this happens this mission will need fresh eyes and an innovative approach to use the facilities in ways this church has not been used before – and that I should pass the baton on to someone to lead this church and its community on in the next phase of its task of spreading the Gospel here in Alderley Edge.


    Therefore, I shall be leaving in the autumn.


    I have accepted the part time post of Vicar of St Paul with St Luke Tranmere Birkenhead working four days a week instead of six which is fulltime subject to the completion of all legal formalities. It is an urban priority area parish - 12,000 residents, 3 schools and 7 Residential Homes – so a challenge on many levels.


    I hope you will understand that the integrity and faith which brought me from my previous parishes to here now leads me on elsewhere.


    I shall miss you all so very much, and I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help and love and support you have shown me these past nine years.


    My God bless us all in the ministries to which we are called, and to which with courage and faith we respond. Amen.


    Revd Jane Parry


  • This Week



    Food waste has become an issue… the Fairtrade movement progresses but it  is not a dominant feature of our shopping habits… Farm prices and particularly milk prices in the Dairy Industry…Fast food and levels of sugar and other pervasive additives… Eating to live or living to eat, as obesity increasingly becomes a heavy burden on the medical services with its health implications – generally an unhealthy attitude to FOOD MATTERS which we hope to stir up in ourselves and in others throughout this coming year.