Sermons and Letters

This collection of sermons and letters is posted here to give you an idea of the life of our church

and especially how the lives of the people who worship here are informed by the way in which

we read and understand Scripture.

Nearly everything here was written by the vicar, Rev'd Robin Pye although he is not the only

preacher in our church.  Most of the sermons make reference to the Bible passage they were

linked to so they make more sense if you read this passage and then read the sermon.  

You can read the Bible here

Everything written here could be improved upon and developed further.  If you have a burning desire 

to comment on anything you have read, please email the vicar on revrobinpye@gmail.com.

Robin's preaching is influenced by things people said to him about preaching when he was being trained

and formed as a priest.  One of his teachers said he should always be asking, 'What transformation will

take place in the hearts and lives of your hearers as a result of what you have said?'  Another gave him

this definition of preaching: 'Preaching is the opening up of Scripture for a particular group of people at

a particular moment in time.'  A third said, 'When you preach to the people, lead them to the table.' 

(Meaning the Eucharistic table, the altar around which we share the bread and wine which becomes for us

the body and blood of Jesus Christ)

Sometimes we preach without a script and sometimes we preach without notes.

The only way you will find out what we say in these circumstances is to come to a service.

In fact, that is our main invitation to you.  If you find what you read here interesting or nourishing,

why not join us for a service and get to know us better?


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Accepting God's Gift
Romans 6 and the feeding of the Four Thousand

Pick up your Cross
Lenten journey

The Walk of Foolishness
Good Friday March

Mothering Love
Mothering Sunday

Observing Lent
Ash Wednesday Sermon

Abuse within the church - a statement at Passiontide

The Good Shepherd
Lead them to the table

The Holy Spirit in a hostile environment
The Ethiopian Eunuch

The Power of Prayer
Thoughts and prayers

World Cup Special

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