Lockdown Support



Our services have gone online & on Zoom 

to view please follow our Facebook Page or visit our YouTube Channel. Weekly services are streamed at 11:30 on Wednesdays and 8:00 on Sundays. 

Zoom meetings.- to join any of these please email revrobinpye@gmail.com for the links.  

Sundays 10:00 & 11:00 for Sunday school; 11:00 for after-service coffee; and evening service is at 6:00

Thursday 6:30 midweek prayer group.  

Service sheets 

For a printable version of our service sheets to help you follow the services at home please click the links. 

Midweek BCP Communion printable service sheet

Sunday Communion -Easter to Pentecost

Ascension Day service sheet


Loving our Neighbour...

Support Group

We have volunteers all over Alderley Edge to help people who are self-isolating by:

  • Picking up shopping
  • Posting mail
  • Offering daily phone calls

If you would like to be supported or know someone who might benefit from the support please contact us.

If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact us (We can DBS volunteers in the space of a few days)


We appreciate that it is not an easy thing to approach a food bank for help.

If you suddenly find yourself with no income and need help with food, please contact us.

Please be assured that you live in a community full of people who want to help you. 


...as we Love Ourselves

Thought for the day 

May thoughts 

1st May -Scattered but still connected

2nd May - What is to prevent me from being baptised?

4th May - A flash of light

5th May - Amazing Grace

6th May - Peter & Cornelius

7th May - Watching & waiting

8th May - New world, old world

9th May- Strength in diversity

11th May - Motives, motives, motives

12th May - Breaking Out

13th May - An intelligent man

14th May - A word of encouragement

15th May - Light in the darkness

16th May - El jefe? Not me!

18th May - You can't be serious ....

19th May - Mute:unmute

21st May - TKC 1 Ascension Day

22nd May - TKC 2

23rd May - TKC 3

25th May - TCK 4

April thoughts 

1st April - A Cloud of Witnesses  

2nd April - Bogs and Mountains

3rd April - The valley of desolation

4th April - Children

6th April - Our hope is in Christ

7th April - Ride on, Ride on

8th April - The servant king

9th April - Maundy Thursday

10th April - Good Friday

11th April - The sound of silence

13th April - the road to Emmaus

14th April - Easter people

15th April - Matthias

16th April - The first Pentecost

17th April - Getting through

18th April - Parish returns

20th April - The healing of the crippled beggar

21st April - Times of refreshing

22nd April - There is salvation in no one else

23rd April - People who pray

24th April - The koinonia challenge

25th April - being guided by God

27th April - Talents, gifts and graces

28th April - The stories we tell

29th April - In the wilderness

30th April - Sticks and stones ...

March Thoughts 

25th March - Shielded

26th March - Magic String

27th March - The Heavens are Telling

28th March - The valley of the shadow

30th March - Faith In Action

31st March - Robin's Run



As with all churches, sadly, we are unable to celebrate any Baptisms or Weddings at the moment.

For information about funerals and for  contact details please click here


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