There are lots of reasons why you might want to get married in our church.

It is a beautiful building of course.  Built in 1853 in imitation of churches built in the Middle Ages.

And we have taken care of the building over the years.

But a church is not a building, it is a community of people who come together to worship God.

And we believe in a God who loves us and commands us to love each other.

So, of course, it makes us very happy when a couple come to us to be married.

When a couple get married in our church we pray for them several times before the service itself.

We meet with the couple to talk about their marriage service to make sure it is just right for them.

You can book our organist and our choir who love to play and sing at marriage services.

Our services follow the format set down by the Church of England.

So some things have to happen in every service to make it legal.

Howver, there is scope in the choice of hymns, Bible readings, other readings and prayers

to make the service just right for the couple we are marrying.

We are grateful to Tharanny Srisatkunam and Danny Sudbury for allowing us to share some

of the pictures taken at their wedding service.  The pictures show off how lovely the church

is and how much love there was in that service.

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