The Power of Prayer

This letter appeared in a parish newsletter shortly after the school shootings in Florida.

Dear Neighbours,

A number of American politicians offered ‘thoughts and prayers’ to those affected by the recent school shooting in Florida.  ‘That’s not enough!’ cried the survivors.  ‘We need more than thoughts and prayers.  We need action on gun control!’

Every time somebody offers prayers as a substitute for action it undermines our faith in the efficacy of prayer.  In fact, prayer should support action and prompt action on our part.

The churches I have been part of have been praying about Syria since the terrible war in that country started.  And after a while, our prayer stirred us into action.  Last month the ceilidh we held in the Festival Hall to raise money for Syria Relief raised over £1,000 for the charity.  The event was well-attended, it brought us together in community and restated our refusal to ignore the cynicism and brutality of war.

This month collectors from this church and the Methodist church will knock on doors in our community and ask you to give money to Christian Aid.  This action springs from the prayers we say for the poor of the world in our churches.  The prayers fortify our collectors against the rejection they will experience when they knock on some doors.  Please give them a welcome when they knock on your door.

On 7th May a few of our congregation will accompany the Bishop of Stockport on a prayer walk from Wilmslow to Knutsford passing through Alderley Edge.  We will stop to pray at various places and gather prayers from the people we meet.  We will continue saying these prayers in our church  during a prayer campaign called Thy Kingdom Come which will run from 10th to 20th May.  We will pray these prayers again at the May Festival on 19th May.

So what would you like us to pray for?  Have your prayer ready for when you meet us.  What action should flow from your prayer?  In what way would your prayer make God’s Kingdom come here on earth? 



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