History Group Meeting

Date: 23rd September 2019

Time: 19:30 - 21:

Monday 23rd September, we welcome back Professor John Prag, from Manchester University. His talk is on Facial Reconstruction, which has become a valuable tool in archaeology.
4000yr old skull found in Scotland
Reconstructing Ancient Faces
 In facial reconstruction the features are built up muscle by muscle on a cast of the skull following the rules of anatomy, to produce the face of a man or woman of the appropriate age. Many crimes have been solved using such reconstructions: for the archaeologist these cases are valuable because they demonstrate that the technique produces faces that can be recognised by the dead person's friends and family, but an archaeological reconstruction goes much further as it brings together all the details that specialists can deduce from the remains.  It becomes a three-dimensional report, more accurate and more powerful than a conventional printed account.  It is not a portrait in the strict sense, for it relies not on a person’s appearance in life but on the scientific evidence of the skeletal material.  It is this multi-disciplinary aspect that makes the work exciting and gives it its academic value.

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