Heritage Centre -West End, the construction

The West End , newly created space at the back of Church, as part of the Spire renovations 2016 -2017.

Pews were removed, to create a space for a kitchen area, toliets and the heritage centre and a new home for  the Hanson Library.

The westend of church with pews,and Hanson Library looking towards the Baptistery.

During renovations, a new level floor was laid .

Watching renovations with interest. June 2016.

The new Hanson Library area at the Baptistery.with new book shelves and displays.

The newly furbished West End. Cupboards built at the back for storage , to hang the screen and storage for the Heritage centre.  kitchen area, and toliets to the right. of photo, wood panelling recycled from the removed pews.

The kitchen and toliets.

The celtic cross in remebrance of the verger Co Todd.

The Heritage Centre with large screen for digital displays, display cabinet, and information pullups and colourful chairs.

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