Services in Holy Week

Holy Week is the most important week in the church calendar. Every aspect of Christian faith is revisited during this week with incredible intensity. Every person who considers themselves a Christian or is curious to know what the Christian faith might mean for them, should follow Holy Week in communion with the worldwide church, at least once in their lives.


We have services every day during Holy Week and are happy to publicise services taking place elsewhere in Alderley Edge.


We begin with Palm Sunday when we remember that Jesus rode into Jerusalem in triumph posing a direct threat to the secular and religious rulers of the city.  we then follow the events of that tumultuous week when Jesus continued to challenge the authorities and his own followers until his arrest, torture and execution on the cross on Good Friday. After a brief pause on Saturday we celebrate his resurrection at Easter, his victory over death and sin and re-affirm thereby our belief that he is alive and reigns.


Please join us.

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